Check Out Our Specials For The Week of October 8th, 2018







Weekly Specials for October 8th-October 13th, 2018



Black Angus Strip Steak


Fresh Chicken Tenders


Fresh Roasting Chicken


Simply Mashed Potatoes Assorted


Kayem Beef Franks






Seedless Green Grapes


Gala Apples


Maine White Potatoes 5# Bag


Lef Farms Spicy Blend






Russer Cooked Salami


Cooper Mellow Sharp Cheese


Cabot Sharp Slicing Cheddar


Seafood Salad


Beet & Onion Salad


Tuna Salad Sandwich






Assorted Cake Slices


Raisin Scones






16 oz. Ben & Jerry Ice Cream


10 oz. Pepperidge Farm Garlic Bread


10 oz. Birds Eye Steam Fresh Corn/Peas/Cut Green Beans/Broccoli


10 oz. Birds Eye Box Vegetables Cut Green Beans/Corn/Mixed/Peas/Chopped or Leaf Spinach






8 oz. Cabot Sliced Cheeses


8 oz. Cabot bars of Cheese


8 oz. Bags Cabot Shredded Cheese


32 oz. Stoneyfield Assorted Yogurts

Two for $7





6 Pack Cans San Pellegrino Sparkling Waters


60 oz. Ocean Spray 100 % Cranberry Juice


10 count Starbucks K-Cups


12 oz. Starbucks Bag Coffee’s


2# Domino Sugar/Brown/Confectioners


12 oz. Can Shur Fine Evaporated Milk


11.2 oz.-12 oz. Special Original or Special K with Red Berries


24 oz. Vlassic Spears Bread & Butter/Kosher/Polish


24 oz. Vlasic Bread & Butter Chips


15 oz. Full Circle Organic Pinot/Garbanzo/Black/Red Kidney Beans


16.3 oz. Skippy Peanut Butter Smooth/Chunky

Two for $5

16 oz. B&M Pea Beans


5 oz.-10 oz. Assorted Near East Rices or Couscous


24 oz. Newman’s Pasta Sauces

Two for $5

16 oz. Newman’s Medium Salsa


8.8 oz.-10 oz. Nabisco Red Oval Wheat Thins Regular or Mini


14.3 oz. Oreo Crème Cookies


160 count Kleenex White Tissues

Two for $3