Check Out Our Specials For The Week of September 10th, 2018






Weekly Specials for September 10th-September 15th, 2018



Choice Boneless Rib Eye Steak


Smoked Pork Shoulder


Hormel Black Label Bacon


Freshly Made Pasta


Fresh Chicken Tenders






MacIntosh Apples




Iceberg Lettuce


8 oz. Pkg. White Mushrooms






Hillshire Baked Ham


Shur Fine Provolone Cheese


Cooper Mellow Sharp Cheese


Beet & Onion Salad


Hans Kissle Cole Slaw


Ham Salad Sandwich






Isamax Whoopi Pie


Raspberry Strudel Bites

Twelve for $1.79





48 oz. Friendly Ice Cream


16 oz. Ben & Jerry Ice Cream


10 oz.-12 oz. Stouffer’s Mac & Cheese/Welsh Rarebit/Spinach Souffle

Two for $5

16 oz. Bags Shur Fine Peas/Cut Green Beans/Mixed Vegetables/Corn






6 oz.-8 oz. Bars & Cut Cabot Cheeses


8 oz. Bags Cabot Shredded Cheeses


8 oz. Pkgs. Cabot Sliced Cheese


5.3 oz. Chobani Greek Yogurt






16 oz. B&M Pea Beans


28 oz. Hunts Tomatoes Whole/Crushed/Crushed with Basil


29 oz. Hunts Tomato Sauce or Puree


12 oz. Can Shur Fine Evaporated Milk


40 oz. Bisquick Original Baking Mix


10 oz.-12 oz. Bags Green Mountain Coffee


12 count Green Mountain K-Cups


5 oz. Bumble Bee Solid White Tuna


6 oz.-10 oz. Boxes Near East Rices or Couscous


19 oz. Progresso Soups Tomato Basil/Hearty Tomato/French Onion/Vegetable/Minestrone/Lentil


14.3 oz. Nabisco Oreo Crème Cookies


13.2 oz Assorted Alpo Dog Food


75 oz. Xtra 2X Laundry Liquid


160 count Kleenex White Tissues

Two for $3