Check Out Our Specials For The Week of September 16th, 2019




Weekly Specials for September 16th-September 21st, 2019



Black Angus Sirloin Steak


95% Ground Sirloin


Loin Lamb Chops


Fresh Chicken Thighs


Simply Mashed Potatoes Assorted


Kayem Natural Casing Beef Hot Dogs






McIntosh Apples


Red Grapefruit


Sweet Gold Pineapple


Cluster Tomatoes






Shur Fine Roast Beef


Shur Fine Provolone


Twisted Pasta Salad


Red Bliss Potato Salad


Egg Salad Sandwich






Chabaso Ciabetta Loaf


Chabaso Olive Oil Ciabetta Loaf


Raisin Scone


Raspberry Strudel Bites

Ten for $1.99





10.5 oz. Stouffers Single Serve Lasagna/Vegetable Lasagna


10 oz.-12 oz. Stouffers Mac & Cheese/Spinach Souffle/Welsh Rarebit


11 ¼ oz. Stouffer’s French Bread Pepperoni Pizza


10 oz. Birds Eye Steam Fresh Cut Green Beans/Corn/Peas/Broccoli Cuts






4.5 oz. Baby Bel Original Mini Red Cheese


32 oz. Assorted Stonyfield Yogurts

Two for $7





1.25 oz. Land O Lakes Cocoa

Two for $1

4.9 oz. Pkgs. Walkers Gluten Free Shortbread Rounds


8.5 oz. Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix

Four for $3

15 oz. Progresso Italian Breadcrumbs


24 oz. Prego Pasta Sauce Plain/with Meat


16 oz. Marshmallow Fluff


8 oz. Wishbone 1000 Island Dressing


6 oz. Uncle Ben’s Long Grain/Wild Rice Original


8.8 oz. Uncle Ben’s Ready Rice


15.5 oz. Full Circle Organic Beans Black Garbanzo/Dark Red Kidney/Pinto


5 oz. Ace of Diamond Solid White Tuna


24 oz. Milk Bone Dog Biscuits Small/Medium/Large


75 oz. Xtra 2X Laundry Liquid


23 oz. Windex Blue Trigger Spray


20 ct. Glad Odor Shield Kitchen Draw String 13 Gallon


15 ct. Glad Drawstring Trash Bags 30 Gallon